Data and more familiar faces show up in Star Trek: Picard teasers

CBS has surprisingly released a series of teasers for the upcoming StarTrek: Picard series during NFL football games. We get to see Data;s finalized look for the show as well as glimpses of Riker and Troi. These commercials have not been published on any official YouTube channel managed by CBS but quick thinking viewers have managed to capture them and share them on the internet.

Watch the teaser with Data below:

At the :04 second mark you can see a brief glimpse of Data but he looks much more detailed than he did during the very first teaser for the show. If anything, he looks considerably closer to how the android appeared in Star Trek: Nemesis way back in 2002. That is remarkable as androids are not supposed to age but actor Brent Spiner is still subject to the effects of getting older. In fact, that is one reason Data was killed off in Nemsis.

Here is another:

Data is not the only familiar face to be seen in the new commercials, however. Jonathan Frakes has reprised his role of William T. Riker and Marina Sirtis also appears as the former Betazed counselor of the Enterprise, Deanna Troi. The last time we saw these two characters they were newly weds on Earth before that fateful meeting with Shinzon in Romulan space.

Star Trek: Picard will not just feature the old crew from Star Trek: The Next Generation. We have already seen former Borg Seven of Nine who was a major character in Voyager and Robert Picaardo may reprise his role as the holographic Doctor from that show. There will also be several all new characters including a young Romulan who has a very high regard for Jean-Luc.

Are you going to watch Star Trek: Picard when it is released on CBS All Access on January 23rd? Will you be excited to see Data and all of the other characters from previous Star Trek shows? David and I are planning to review every episode from the show’s first season so remember to come back to The Inner Circle to find out what we think of the show.

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