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Can anything save the Boruto anime?

With over 100 episodes released so far, the Boruto anime has seen its fair share of criticism from fans. With over half of the released episodes for the series being seen as nothing but filler, many fans have begun to stop watching the series and who can blame them. As we know, Boruto was meant to capture the fans from Naruto by bringing in his son who would star in his own series. Despite being one of the most popular manga in Shonen Jump magazine, the anime has been nothing more of a letdown. So this brings me to my question: can anything save the Boruto anime?

I’ve thought about this a lot since a large number of people ask me when will the anime become entertaining again. As I try to defend the series as a whole, it becomes apparent that the anime is ruining the series beyond repair. If I had to guess what could bring this anime back, it would honestly be two things. The first thing is to either stop the filler content and start adapting the stories from the original manga. By doing this fans, would quickly see that the series is worth watching and is everything that the manga readers have been saying – which is amazing.

Currently in the manga (without giving away too many spoilers) is that the new character that was seen at the beginning of the pilot episode of the series, Kawaki, is now in the story. This has certainly made the series as a whole better because of the interactions Kawaki has with Boruto, Naruto and the other ninja in the hidden leaf village.

The second thing needed to improve the show is to stop the production of the anime and do a complete rebrand of the series by making it seasonal. I first heard about this idea from a Youtuber named Fornevorworld. The more I think about his argument, the more I am inclined to agree with him. This would definitely give the anime a second chance at life. By doing this and maybe making it appeal more to the die-hard Naruto fans will no doubt be the one true thing that can turn this trainwreck around.¬† Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem that neither of these things will happen. Regardless of how the vocal majority feel about the series, it doesn’t change the fact the anime as a whole is doing pretty well.

Of course, it is not doing as well as other series like My Hero Academia and Black Clover, but well enough to stay at the top of the charts. One thing that the anime is doing correctly is providing fans with the backstory of the characters. In the manga, the backstory of a lot of the other Genin at the Konaha village and other villages are non-existent. So I think the anime actually showing the lesser-known characters growing and developing is nice. Hopefully the anime can turn things around in its own way with providing backstory to characters until the studio feels the manga has a substantial amount of content to start adapting into anime form. Until then, I’ll keep watching and reading to see how things will turn out.

If you like any of these ideas on what the anime can do to turn things around, let me know in the comment section below. Also, if you disagree with my ideas or have your own thoughts, please leave them down in the comments as well.



Joshua D.
Joshua D.
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