Nintendo Switch Has Crossed 30 Million Units Sold

Another version of the Nintendo Switch with bettery battery life is coming; new JoyCon colors announced

A new version of the Nintendo Switch will make its way to store shelves next month and we are not talking about the Switch Lite. The new Nintendo Switch will replace the original model and be sold at the same price point (currently $299 USD). In fact, the new Switch will look nearly identical to the old model and will work with all of your existing games and accessories including Nintendo Labo.

Despite boasting improved hardware, the new Nintendo Switch will not run your games much better than the old system. In fact, the only major benefit the new console offers is significantly improved battery life. Nintendo says that the old hardware offered battery life of 2.5 to 6.5 hours. The newer model of the system offers battery life of 4.5 to 9 hours. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild would usually run for about 3 hours on the previous version of the Switch but Nintendo boasts the game can run for as long as 5.5 hours on the new hardware. If you want one of the new systems you should be able to find them in stores by the end of August. They will have new packaging to differentiate them from the old Switch models. If you are still not sure which version of the Switch you are looking at, check the model number. The new Nintendo Switch model number is HAC-001(-01) and have a serial number beginning with “XKW”.

That is not the only new Nintendo hardware announced today. Those of you who are looking to spruce up your Switch consoles with distinctively colored JoyCons might be interested in the two new color combinations announced today. You will be able to choose from a dark Blue/Neon Yellow pairing or a Neon Purple/Neon Orange set. The new JoyCon sets are $79.99 USD each and will be available on October 4. Check out the official announcement tweet below:

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