No Man’s Sky originally launched on PS4 and PC back on August 9th, 2016, to heavy criticism from critics and gamers alike.  A huge part of this was a huge amount of content that was promised, was simply not there or not fully fleshed out.  This led to huge outrage as the game was review bombed by users and Sean Murray creator and director of Hello Games came under fire.  Now fast forward two years, we are just a little over a week away from No Man’s Sky coming to Xbox One, and PC and PS4 players will be getting the huge “Next” update.  This update brings in full multiplayer and a load of other features that will really help increase both the longevity and the variety of things players can do.  As first seen on the latest episode of Inside Xbox, check out the 11 big changes that will be coming when it launches on July 24th in North America and July 27th in the rest of the world.

11 Things That Have Changed in No Man’s Sky

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