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Xur Shows Off New Destiny Exotics Via Instagram

Xur has made a rare appearance today and it wasn’t at the Tower or Reef, but on Instagram. He mentioned yesterday that his will is up to the Nine and that they commanded him to show us Exotic Items from our future. Over the course of the day he showed us three exotic pieces of armor and three exotic weapons. The following are the Exotic pieces of armor:¬†Empyrean Bellicose (Titan), Alchemist’s Raiment (Warlock), and Sealed Ahamkara Grasps (Hunter). The Exotic weapons shown were The Chaperone (Shotgun/Secondary), Telesto (Fusion Rifle/Secondary), and Sleeper Simulant (Heavy Fusion Rifle/Heavy).

With The Taken King (TTK) Expansion coming out on September 15th, Bungie is getting the hype ready for this game. They did this before for House of Wolves (HoW), by doing a Twitch stream for 3 Wednesdays up until the launch of HoW and they are doing the same for TTK. The first one was last week and they showed off a bunch of new mechanics like Exotic Blueprints (which let you build any Exotic weapon/armor that you have obtained already) and the new way to keep track of your bounties by linking it to your Ghost button (Menu button on Xbox One and the Touch Pad on PS4). Tomorrow they will be showing everyone a look at the new strike and possibly these Exotics in use as well.

News came out this past week that the Gjallarhorn, perhaps the most coveted rocket launcher in Destiny, won’t get the Year 2 upgrade like some of the other Year 1 exotics. Some people are excited about this, because it just means that in Year 2 there will most likely be a weapon that is like the Gjallarhorn. Are you hyped for The Taken King expansion? What Exotic weapons/armor do you hope are brought over for Year 2? Or perhaps what ones do you not want to see get that Year 2 upgrade? Let us know in the comments below.

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