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Xbox One with 1Tb Hard Drive and New Controller Official

Microsoft in a surprising move announced the new Xbox One 1Tb model early. Most likely the reveal was done beforehand to ensure that the entire E3 conference will be spent on games instead of wasting time on Console hardware updates. The new console model will feature not only a bigger hard drive but also a new controller that sports the Headphone jack directly on the controller itself. The feature follows backlash after Microsoft required you to use the Headset Adapter to use your own headphones.

In addition to that, the new controller was improved with Bumper adjustments and will now get updates wirelessly instead of having to plug in the controller. The new console will also feature the full Halo Master Chief Collection included in the box.

Interestingly the new console will be desined with a Matte finish instead of the usual glossy finish.

The controller will also be available for $64.99 at retailers separately in the US starting this fall. They will also release a wireless adapter for Windows 10, if you’re looking to use your Xbox One controller without having to plug the device in with a cable. The Wireless Adapter for Windows 10 will set you back $24.99 or $74.99 with the new controller.

The new Xbox One bundle will be available this fall (on June 16th) for $399, and the standard 500Gb version will remain at the current $349 price point.


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