Over the Memorial Day weekend it is practically guaranteed for opening movies to haul in some big money. I guess this year was the exception to the rule. X-Men Apocalypse and the new Alice in Wonderland movie both performed under expectations held by their studio (Disney).

X-Men opened with $80 Million in domestic sales. It is hard to say why it opened so low unless people really only want to watch Marvel movies based in the MCU. I understand $80 Million is still a huge chunk of money unless you compare it to some of the other comic book movies like Deadpool ($132 Million), Captain America: Civil War ( $179 Million), and even the polarizing Batman v Superman ($166 Million). If one of those three movies had actually opened on this weekend they would of make drastically more money then X-Men Apocalypse.

X-Men Apocalypse surely will get a sequel with a world wide haul over $187 million so far. Fox and Marvel also have Wolverine 3, Gambit, Deadpool 2 , and a possible X-Factor movie in the works. Let us know if you enjoyed X-Men Apocalypse in the comment section below.