The shadows gather around us once again. Take our hands and wander with us into the darkness where the monsters gather. We’re bringing you 31 horror reviews in October. Whatever you do, don’t let go of our hands lest you find out what truly goes bump in the night.

Watch Dogs 2 gives players have the chance to roam around a decently accurate version of San Francisco and some other Bay Area locations. In these locations players may see some strange symbols that lead to the tale of The Shuffler. This may not be your normal Halloween story, just go out and try it.

The costume gives Marcus the ability to fold his enemies into nothing. The quest itself is like that of a decently cheesy horror movie. As you start you will hear little broadcasts about something known as The Shuffler. Four friends went on the hunt in search of this legend but they all went missing. The game went a long way to give us this Urban Legend, even using its Tumblr page to highlight the legend.

The quest to find these kids starts off with you going to a new location. In an abandoned rail car you will find a symbol. These symbols are clues to finding the truth behind the Shuffler. Don’t worry though, I won’t ruin the fun. Take your time and go look for The Shuffler yourself. You will be rewarded handsomely.