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Windows 10 Reaches 200 Million Devices

Microsoft ushered in the new year with a lot of news; some of it was good, some was not so good and some of the news was surprising. One of the more interesting bombshells dropped by Microsoft this week was the fact that Windows 10 is now active on over 200 million devices and there were some other interesting tidbits that indicate Microsoft’s newest operating system is a smashing success.

Windows 10 Had A Great Black Friday. According to Microsoft, over 40% of new Windows 10 devices were activated since Black Friday.

Fastest Growing Windows Adoption Ever. Windows 10 growth is outpacing Windows 7 growth by over 140%.

A Busy December. Users logged over 11 billion hours on Windows 10 in December alone.

Cortana Puts In Overtime. Our favorite voice activated assistant has been asked over 2.5 billion questions have been asked since launch.

Gamers Are Using Windows 10. In 2015 gamers have played over 4 billion hours of video games on the Windows 10 operating system. Over 6.6 million hours of Xbox One games have been streamed to Windows 10 devices.

In my personal opinion, it is time to stop treating the Xbox One and Windows as separate platforms. As the years go by I think the lines between these platforms will continue to blur and both will be seen as equally acceptable ways to access Xbox Live. You can expect to see more PC focused articles here on TiCGN; particularly as it relates to gaming. Don’t worry, the primary focus will still be on Xbox One but it would be virtually impossible to cover news of Microsoft’s contributions to gaming without talking about Windows 10.



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