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Weekly Roundup – Oct 16th to 20th

Weekly Roundup

We’re back for another week full of gaming news, all compiled together here with the Weekly Roundup. Xbox hit players with a whole lot of Backward Compatability loving, Spider-Man gets DLC details AND a major update, Days Gone delay and more. Check out the articles below to get filled in on the biggest topics that made it out this past week.



Back Compat Lovin’

Xbox players were delighted with a ton of great backward compatible titles and Xbox One X enhancements. Crysis 1, 2 and 3 becoming available to play and (very surprisingly) The Orange Box got Xbox One X enhancement love too!


Web Slinging Details

Spider-Man received a lot of love this week as well. The Heist DLC is the first of three for the highly acclaimed game and features Black Cat. On top of that, players also got a massive update to the game allowing for New Game+, plenty of new photomode options and a whole lot more.


Just A Little Longer

Let’s all just say it.. February 22nd was jam-packed with new game releases as it is. A couple more months of polish can never really be a bad thing to do. You’ll just have to wait a bit longer to mow down some zombies in this upcoming PS4 exclusive.


Wild West Controversy

There has been a lot of social media outrage about comments made during an interview with Co-Found of Rockstar Games, Dan Houser with media outlet Vulture. You can read up on everything there is to know in the article linked below. Rockstar recently also lifted their social media restrictions on their employees so they can speak out for themselves.


Thanks for coming back for another Weekly Roundup! Don’t forget to check out our homepage for all the best in News, Reviews, Opinion pieces and a whole lot more! For the month of October we have a special “Witching Hour” segment with a new horror review every night!

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