Warhammer: Vermintide 2 developer Fatshark have uploaded another video for their upcoming first person hack and slash title. This time around, we get to see some pre-alpha gameplay along with some new enemies. The Steam store page has some new information as well.

It seems the 5 heroes from the previous game have returned. However, there are 15 unique career paths this time around. Each of these will have their own appearances, abilities, and even weapons. The loot system works a bit differently as well. According to the developer’s live stream, players will receive multiple things at the end of each mission. Furthermore, they will receive more things that their current character can use. There is also a new “Heroic Deeds” system. These act as consumables that change the way missions play out by altering elements such as enemy composition and objectives. As the video shows, there are some new weapons as well such as the spear and dual axes.

This sequel takes place in and around the fortress city of Helmgart on the Bretonnian border. As the game takes place in a new location, players can expect new maps. The game also brings new foes with the arrival of the Chaos army, though the Skaven hordes are still afoot. These two factions have joined forces to spread death and decay throughout the world.

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 still does not have an exact release date, but Fatshark is aiming to have it ready by the first quarter of 2018. Those who pre-order on Steam will receive beta access along with the “Death on the Reik” DLC for the first game. There will also be a collector’s edition on Steam that adds the soundtrack, heraldry skins, and some wallpapers. While the previous game eventually made its way to consoles, there is no word yet on a console release for this sequel.

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