Joker will finally be making his way into Super Smash Bros. Ultimate; you can find him in the brand new Challenger Pack that is available now. The DLC pack is $5.99 separately or if you want to save money, you can purchase the fighter pass for $24.99, that will include all of the DLC fighters. In this DLC pack, players will receive the following:

  • Joker, the main character from Persona 5
  • A brand new Playable stage: Mementos
  • And 11 music tracks from Persona 5, 4 and 3. Also when playing these songs on the Mementos stage, the color of the stage will change, adding a nice change of pace from the black and red visual.

Also announced was the round 1 of Mii Fighter costumes that can be purchased for $0.75 each and are also available now. Here is the list of the six costumes below.

  • Morgana Hat from Persona 5
  • Persona 4¬†Protagonist (Swordfighter)
  • Teddie Hat from Persona 4
  • Persona 3¬†Protagonist (Swordfighter)
  • Tails- from Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Knuckles- from Sonic the Hedgehog

To see what these costumes will look like on your Mii fighter, refer to the video above. Last but not least, the version 3.0 update will give players some new in-game features. These new features include a stage builder, video editor, and Smash World. What are your thoughts on the first DLC character for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, as well as the new version 3.0 update? Let us know in the comment section below.

Source: Nintendo Youtube channel