The good folks over at Gearbox are all about spreading some holiday cheer to Borderlands 3 players by releasing several Gifts of Mayhem codes for you to use on your adventures. Even better, you will not need to fight your way through hordes of enemies to get your hands on your new gear. All of the new gifts can be claimed by entering SHiFT codes.

Here is the list of codes along with a brief description of what each one is:

5BCBB-5SRS9-RTW9C-9JCJB-XK3X9 – 3 Gold keys

WSW33-HSFJ9-CWRZF-6J3B3-JF6BF – Juliet’s Dazzle

W9WTT-FSFTZ-5WRZR-63BB3-WK6WT – Candy Cane ECHO Skin

KZC3B-33Z39-5CFSX-6BTJ3-RWFZF – Reinskag ECHO Skin

WS5J3-WTZJZ-WKRH6-RJ3TJ-JSZHC – Candy Cane Weapon Trinket

WH5JJ-ZBSBH-KK6H6-R3JT3-F6TCF – Snowglobe ECHO Skin

KSW3T-T59JS-CWF96-RBJ33-T3FCW – EGLSnowglobe ECHO Skin

CSKJB-6B9BZ-5K696-RBTB3-6FCBS – Festive Vestments Skin

You can redeem the Gifts of Mayhem codes from within your game or you can simply go to the official Borderlands website and sign into your account and do it there. These codes will be good until January 10th, 2020.

I placed the two codes that I beleieved were the most useful at the top of the list. I hope a lot of you will get some kind of legendary gear from the three Gold keys. Juliet’s Dazzle is a legendary assault rifle but in my personal opinion is not really that great. I have no doubt it will be useful for some of you though. The remaining Gifts of Mayhem consist of skins and a weapon trinket which I never really cared about but some of you will probably enjoy bringing a little holiday spirit into your battles.

Don’t expect any new content for Borderlands 3 until next year. I am certain Gearbox will release some new content next month though. Be sure to follow Gearbox on social media so you can see the latest codes first or you can always come back to The Inner Circle and we will let you know when they are released. If any of you out there manage to get some cool legendary gear from these Gifts of Mayhem codes then be sure to let us know on Twitter.

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