Unity and Short Films – TICGN @ Unite LA 2018

Unite LA is a developer event that reveals the latest on goings in the realm of Unity. This year we were fortunate enough to get a ticket to Unite LA 2018. Various Unity projects were showcased from the latest gaming innovations, to crazy Augmented Reality demos. Here are some of the stand outs experiences from the event.  Check Out Previous Articles From the Event

The Unity Film Innovation

Many gamers may think that Unity is just an engine for traditional video games on consoles like the Xbox and PS4 but the use cases are actually a lot more diverse than one would think. One kiosk at Unite LA demo floor showcased the short film series titled ADAM. ADAM is a film project made entirely in Unity by Hollywood director Neil Blomkamp of District 9 fame. As the gaming industry grows so does cinematic story telling and with that so does the potential of 3D rendering software. Adam has already won several film festival awards which brings up the question whether or not game engines like Unity and Unreal will become the norm in Hollywood in the near future. The short film series Adam is about a dystopia world inhabited by robot life. Who are these robots and where do they come from? Find out by watching the first episode below. You can also check out the source code and assets from the official website.  
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