My Top 12 Anticipated Anime For Spring 2018

With the Spring season approaching and a bunch of anime series set to be released, the month of April is jam-packed with tons of heavy hitters. Here are the top 12 anticipated anime for the spring season that you should check out.

  1. My Hero Academia Season 3

Third Season

2. Tokyo Ghoul:re

Two years have passed since the attack on Anteiku coffee shop. With the atmosphere around Tokyo dramatically changed due to the influence of the CCG, ghouls still pose a problem which causes the CCG to take even more precautions.

3. Food Wars Season 3

Continuation of the third season

4. Stein’s;Gate 0

The untold story which leads with the mad scientist Okabe, in dire straights after a failed attempt in rescuing Kurisu. Still recovering, he decides to give up his lively alter ego in hopes that he can forget the past and move on.

5. High School DXD Hero

Season 4

6. Persona 5 The Animation

Based on the hit Persona game from studio Atlus, Ren Amamiya is getting ready to enter Shujin Academy in Tokyo. After following a particular incident his Persona Powers awaken.

7. Devils Line

Tsukasa is a college student who was attacked by a devil, a vampire that can blend in amongst the humans. Anzai, a half Devil who rescued her, shows off his supernatural gifts. Anzai continues to guard Tsukasa, as the two begin to form an unbreakable bond, Anzai starts to fear his number one rule of never drinking human blood may soon come to an end……

8. Doreiku The Animation

Ever thought of enslaving someone, and making them bend to you every will? Then the SCM is as close as you may get. Who ever holds the SCM can control another who also has the SCM, but at a price. You must win over the other by any means in order to make them your slave.

9. Fist of the Blue Sky Regenesis 

The prequel to Fist of the North Star, Kasumi Kenshiro is a quiet professor who teaches literature at a small college. Once the master of the Hokuto Shinken and known as the “King Of Death,” Kasumi longs to have a quiet life until the death of his lover which forces him to return to his old ways in order to avenge those who were lost.

10. Mahou Shoujo Site

Asagiri Aya, a girl who has unfortunately fallen victim to school bullying, is looking for a way to escape her problems. One day she finds a site on the internet called “Magical Girl Site”. Little does Aya know that just by viewing the site she will be pulled into a deadly world where she will have to fight for her life.

11. Piano no Mori

This story follows the tale of two boys: Kai who is the spawn of a prostitute, who falls in love with the piano he found in a forest; and Syuhei, a boy who was born with the silver spoon of a prestigious family. Through a strange turn of events the two cross paths with the their common bond, ” The Piano”.

12. Wotaku ni Muzukashii

After the discovery that the two protagonists work for the same gaming company, they reunite for the first time since middle school. After some talks and drinking sessions after work they begin dating, but will the relationship work out the way they wanted?

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