Tom Hardy to Play Venom in Standalone Film

The actor Tom Hardy who you may have known as Bane in the Dark Knight Trilogy is moving from DC to Marvel. This morning in an article from Variety it was announced that Tom Hardy will be playing Eddie Brock in the Venom movie.

This is Sony’s turn at taking characters from the Marvel comics and creating their own Marvel movie universe. Venom will be a standalone movie that may or may not feature a Spider-Man.

As you can see in the photo above Tom Hardy is celebrating the news by wearing a Venom Shirt. Apparently he is a huge fan of the character so hopefully we are in good hands. The director is someone who you my know if you watched Zombieland recently. Ruben Fleischer will be on board to direct the movie. His work also includes the show Santa Clarita Diet on Netflix, he is also working on a Zombieland sequel.

Venom is set to come out on Oct. 5th, 2018. So production for this movie will start right away now that main character has been cast. Stay tuned to for more gaming and entertainment news.


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