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TICGN Spotlight: Teppen is Capcom’s Newest Vs CCG

In recent time I’ve found myself drawn to a lot of games that offer a different spin from the usual console experience. I’ve taken a look at games like Fable Fortune, Microsoft’s own take on the collectible card game genre. I have even taken a look at the latest evolution of the card game trend with Riot’s Team Fight Tactics. Now I find myself drawn into a new entry in the card game genre. Featuring some of the most popular Capcom properties, Teppen is now available to download on mobile devices.

The Gameplay

The usual CCG mechanics are here. Each character card has an attack and defense. You place cards on the field targeting the card directly across your own making sure that your attack points are higher than your opponents defense points. Simple right? Well hold on to your decks because things are about to get a lot more hectic.

Unlike most other CCG’s Teppen is always moving. There are no turns in Teppen. You place your cards whenever you want and they fight on their own similar to auto chess. The game only slows down when action cards are played. As soon as an action card hits the field the games come to a stop prompting the other player to play any action cards up until you run out of MP. Think of action cards as spell or trap cards from other popular games.

These mechanics, while not as diverse as other games, create a lot of hype moments. Because the cards automatically fight I’ve found waiting until the very last moment to activate action cards to be both exciting and frustrating. There have been countless times when waiting at the very last moment I’ve wanted to turn the tables on a fight. Most of the time in early ranked matches it works and you successfully defeat their cards. Other times I’ve found waiting at the very last moment sometimes results in inputs being missed because other action card activations cover the entire screen covering up your activation target. It’s a but frustrating but hopefully that gets worked on in a future update.


As for the graphics and artstyle, Teppen is right up there with the best of the best. When it comes to presentation Teppen may very well exceed games like Hearthstone and even Fable Fortune which I though was a beautiful game. If you’re a Capcom fan you’ll find a lot fo the characters in the game to be presented beautifully.

When I think of Capcom I usually think of arcades. Capcom games are games that are fun just for the sake of it. There is no bloated in depth story that is trying to bring you to the verge of tears. It’s just a game that wants you to have fun and the graphics offer that stylistic action and feel to the game. If the game didn’t look as good as it did I wouldn’t be enjoying it so much.

All the flash’s, spins and lights really offer a unique card game experience. 


A lot of collectable card games don’t offer much of a story mode and while Teppen isn’t that much better, the quality itself is still much above the rest. Offering a inter woven narrative, the Capcom characters find themselves encountering one another throughout the story. You get to play with characters such as Ryu, Morrigan, X (Megaman), Wesker, and more. Beat the story mode of each individual character and you get access to their specified deck of cards.

X Megaman

While it took me a while to get into the game, Teppen definitely offers a unique enough experience to satisfy a fan of either Capcom or CCG players. Heck I’d go as far to say it’s even better than the the new auto chess games by Riot and Valve. Hopefully the game gets more content down the line. I can’t help but want Asura in the game.

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