TiCGN Box Office Recap: Furious Take Over at the Box Office

You may have noticed that last weekend we had no recap. I just plain ran out of time along with the fact Smufs and Boss Baby where the only things to talk about. It was nothing compared to this weekend where the Fate of the Furious took over the box office worldwide.

Fate of the Furious exploded this weekend with a $100 million domestic opening and $432 million world wide. This gives the 8th movie in the franchise the top spot for the entire world. Taking down the king Star Wars: Episode 7 which made $529 million in it’s opening weekend. I’m as shocked as anyone when you think that a Fast and Furious movie has beaten Star Wars. It will be a matter of a few weeks before this is the second movie of the year to cross 1 billion in sales, Beauty and the Beast was the first.

Weekend Top Five Movies-Domestic

5. Going in Style $6.3 million

4. Smurfs: Lost Village $6.5 million

3. Beauty and the Beast $13.6 million

2. Boss Baby $15.5 million

1. Fate of the Furious- $100 million

Next weekend Free Fire and The Promise are two movies that will be opening nationwide along with Born in China and Pheonix Forgotten opening in less then 2000 theaters. I really doubt Fate of the Furious will lose the top spot. Just expect a sharp decline in the amount the movie will make next weekend. Most movies don’t make more domestically each weekend. If you missed out on some of the recent trailers then watch the new Thor trailer or how about Star Wars: Episode 8.

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