TiCGN Box Office Recap: Cars 3 Runs Over Wonder Woman

I will just start off by saying I was wrong. It turns out that Cars 3 out performed my own expectations. I just didn’t think that the third movie would stop the momentum that Wonder Woman had when it first came out.

Cars 3 took the top spot with an estimate $53 million in it’s first week. The first two Cars movies made well over $60 million in their opening weekends so Cars 3 launches out of the gate behind the first two films of the franchise but not by much. Wonder Woman has surpassed $500 million worldwide after this weekend. With a few more good weekends the movie could easily become the top domestic DC movie out the other three movies set in the same universe.


Weekend Top Five

5. 47 Meters Down $11.5 million

4. The Mummy $13 million

3. All Eyez on Me $27 million

2. Wonder Woman $40 million

1. Cars 3 $53 million

Two of the other movies that came out this weekend both made it into the top five. All Eyez on Me and 47 Meters Down both did ok this weekend. Rough Night just didn’t connect with the audiences like it was expected to do. Next week the fifth Transformers movie will be released. I honestly don’t have a clue how well this movie can do. Being this far into a series it is just too hard to tell. As a fan, I hope the movie will do well and the story isn’t that awful. Keep an eye out for a limited release known as The Big Sick featuring Silicon Valley’s Kumail Nanjiani.

Some of the trailers that have been released lately include Tour De Pharmacy (HBO release), Daddy’s Home 2, and a teaser for Sharknado 5. Yes, I said a fifth Sharknado movie. I didn’t ask for the first four movies. My area is suffering through a brutal heat wave with temperatures over 100 degrees so a nice, cool movie theater sounds like a great way to pass a hot afternoon.

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