In a surprising announcement, THQ Nordic has acquired the Kingdoms of Amalur IP from the now-defunct 38 Studios. Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning was developed by 38 Studios and published by Electronic Arts, releasing in 2012. While it released to generally favorable reviews and sold 1.2 million copies 90 days after release, it didn’t hit anywhere near the required numbers in order to break even, which was estimated to be around 3 million copies.

After 38 Studios went defunct, many might have assumed that the IP was gone forever however, with THQ Nordic making this acquisition, perhaps the future will bring a new Kingdoms of Amalur game.

THQ Nordic made the announcement on Twitter: 

THQ Nordic has been making strong moves over the last few months, picking up different IPs such as Timesplitters and acquiring Koch Media, a large media group containing publisher Deep Silver.