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Third Season of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has begun

The third season for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is here. Take a look at all that you can unlock when you purchase the Battle Pass. This includes Alex, he’s a character from the campaign. Most players actually don’t jump into that section of the game.

As you can see in the video, in the third season you will be getting some more of the same that was in the past seasons. Players will now be able to unlock vehicle skins. This is one step closer to being a better version of Fortnite. Of course, there are plenty of new blueprints to unlock as well as operators. You may even see some new skins for operators you have already unlocked.

Players can purchase the Battle Pass for 1000 coins. This gives players the chance to unlock everything that is available. You can still play and unlock free items if you decide not to pay. Players can always get a little crazy and spend even more money to unlock the first twenty items. Or if your insanely flush with cash buy all 100 tiers. Everything you unlock will work with the free to play Warzone. In fact, I beg you to play some Plunder. This mode may be the reason I never play another battle royale game again.

How do you feel about the way Call of Duty is playing out? Do you enjoy Warzone? Let us know in the comment section below. Jason has a really interesting story covering Marvel Comics. Check that out by clicking this link here.

David Yerion
David Yerionhttp://www.Ticgamesnetwork.com
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