The Xbox One Preview Program Will Be Harder To Join Now

Many of the recent features added to the Xbox One over the last few months work so well because of all the gamers who are in the preview program and provide feedback to Microsoft about the update functionality. While it used to be a fairly simple process to get into the preview program, Microsoft has announced that they are nearing capacity and will be limiting how many new members will be accepted. A post on the preview member forums explained the situation, “”Due to a tremendous response from our fans, the Xbox Preview program has reached a near-capacity level. With that in mind, we are slowing the number of new people we are accepting to optimize for testing. We are thankful for the amount of interest we’ve received to date and look forward to sharing more details on preview opportunities soon.”

As of this writing the biggest feature available in the preview program is backwards compatibility which allows approved Xbox 360 titles such as Gears of War, Shadow Complex and Mass Effect to be playable on Xbox On with the console’s native features such as screenshots and broadcasting enabled. The upcoming Windows 10 update for Xbox One will also be available to preview members first.

Image Source: Xbox One UK

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