The Weekend Warrior- Games Galore!

NBA 2k16 & Rocket League

To kick off my weekend on Saturday I wanted to relax with my two classic (I like to call) “chill games”, NBA 2k16 & Rocket League. No matter if it was on the court or on the futuristic soccer field, I had fun scoring, assisting, and blocking everything that came my way. It sucked that my NBA 2k16 26 game win streak had gotten destroyed by the New York Nicks. Nevertheless it was a great game that didn’t left me saying ferociously “THAT’S SOME CHEESE!” Ha no, it was a fair game, and I simply didn’t step up when my team needed me the most, and Carmelo played his heart out dropping 30 and a big 14 points in the 4th quarter to end the Miami heat’s streak. On the other end in Rocket League I’m in the second tier division, and my rank keeps going up and down like a roller-coaster. I blame the random’s I play with for that.

Styx master of shadows
When I got off of NBA 2k16, and rocket league. I needed that meat and potatoes game to fill my appetite. Styx master of shadows is that, and I’m currently still playing it. Styx is so far really fun. I love the rush when I set up a plan to take down a series of my enemies and majority of the time that plan backfires. Now I have to escape with my tail between my legs in a matter of seconds. It’s a great rush, and it helps me get better as a stealthy player who hasn’t perfected the genre yet. Usually if I have a option to go in loud I would always prefer to go in loud, but in Styx if you ever go in with the mindset of thinking I can smoke all of these guys, than expect to die very quickly. Buggy game-play, and questionable voice acting for the lead role but, I can’t complain I’m having fun.


Fallout Shelter
Waking up Sunday morning, the smell of E3 was in the air. I have to get ready. I leave my PS4 off all day. I know my PS4 is happy because it finally can get a break from being used  pretty much everyday. EA conference finishes after a hour. I became bored and I needed something to play. “Ah, why not Fallout Shelter?” I asked. I make my return on Fallout Shelter, and I’m greeted with a small vault I recreated due to everyone dying in my previous vault. What? I didn’t like how they looked. But the past is the past, and hopefully my dwellers can produce some nice looking baby’s, or I won’t abandon them for deathclaw lunch next time. But overall I had fun. I sent two of my fine looking dwellers out to the wasteland with no stimpaks or rad-away because I’m a boss like that and I do what I want. I needed more dwellers in my vault so I got six lovely female dweller’s pregnant by two guys that took ages (clearly their game ain’t strong). Hopefully these kids grow into nice looking children, or I might have reconsider facial reconstruction for them.

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