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The Mandalorian: Episode 8 Review- Redemption


Due to some technical issues, we haven’t had a chance to get this final review posted in a timely manner. I’m sorry it took so long. The final episode of The Mandalorian has aired and you have no excuse to have not seen it by now. We have all witnessed the power of Baby Yoda  as he healed his companions and now we witness the Redemption of this group. 


After the events of episode seven, we still find our hero trapped. One small thing is that droid sitting in the ship has saved Baby Yoda and is coming to the rescue. The episode has been on Disney+ for well over a week now. I won’t be spoiling anything that fans don’t already know. The group escapes the bar, survives the ambush and almost defeats Moff Gideon, who owns a dark saber. This episode was better than most of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, it was the purest look into the Star Wars Universe fans have had in a long time. It also connects those animated shows to the rest of the movies as well. It did something that took Marvel ten years to do.


Everyone did a wonderful job in this episode. Taiki Waititi outperformed every other actor in this show. He was able to actually make me terribly sad when he sacrificed himself at the end. It was a noble and epic gesture. One I wished had gone a different way, Having him as a voice actor has brought so much joy to movies and this show. Everyone else in the cast continues to have an outstanding performance, it’s just that the director brought more emotion to the episode.


Every episode has been a work of Star Wars art. Taiki Waititi is one of the best visual directors around. From What We Do in The Shadows to Thor: Ragnarok, every movie or show he touches has that extra flair no one else can really produce. Overall for the whole season, it was a treat to watch. This first live-action Star Wars show has really given fans something to be excited about in the future.


The anxiety I had before this episode aired was insane. I couldn’t believe the fact that Baby Yoda had been caught by those troopers. I was even more shocked when they punched Baby Yoda. The episode really closed up the first season, given the fact we see Moff Gideon with his own dark saber the second season should be amazing.

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