The Elder Scrolls Online Free To Play This Weekend

Got some free time this weekend? If you are an Xbox Live Gold subscriber you can visit the land of Tamriel in The Elder Scrolls Online and best of all- you won’t have to pay for your little weekend jaunt.

Xbox One owners will be able to download the game at midnight PST on Thursday and play for free right away. You will be able to play to your heart’s content until midnight, December 14th so you can get at least a couple hours of sleep before going back to work on Monday. If you find yourself enjoying the game you can buy it during the free play period for 60% off and all of your progress will carry over. Crown packs will also be on sale for as much as 40% off if you find yourself needing a little extra coin during your adventure.

Purchasing the game during this time will automatically enter you in a contest for a $1 million prize but let’s be honest- we’re more interested in some epic weapons in the game.

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