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The Boondocks Will Get A Fifth Season

It has been confirmed that the popular series by Aaron McGruder “The Boondocks” will be returning for another season. The news comes from an interview on Joe Rogan’s podcast with John Witherspoon who plays the character grandad on the show. John says “I’m on the cartoon – what is it? The Boondocks? I didn’t change my voice for The Boondocks. And they coming back: Boondocks is coming back… It’s one of the best cartoons I’ve ever been on.” He continued by saying that the series is currently in pre-production.

The series made it debut in 2005 on Adult Swim and was an instant classic. The show covered many social and economic issues which made it very relatable for modern audiences to watch. Not to mention the fact that it was extremely funny. Want to know more about the series? Here is a brief synopsis: “Brothers Huey and Riley Freeman move from the South Side of Chicago to live with their grandfather in the predominantly white suburb of Woodcrest. A clash of lifestyles, class, and culture follows.” If you want to check out the show please visit Hulu.

Will you be watching The Boondocks if it is indeed returning? Let us know in the comment section below. Also – if you want to listen to the entire interview, we have it for you below.

Source: Complex


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