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The Binding of Isaac comes to XB1 July 23rd

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth is coming to Xbox One.
What’s new in Rebirth?
 – Power ups
 – End stages
 – New characters
 – Non edited version
Never heard of The Binding of Isaac? Here’s the low down…
Isaac’s mother starts hearing the voice of God, who demands a sacrifice to prove her faith (a la Abraham). Isaac, not one to agree with that idea, escapes from his mother into the basement. From there he has to overcome the odds by beating all sorts of monsters and bosses, including his mother.
During his journey in the basement, running away from his mom you’ll find weird power ups and secrets to help him escape.
Afraid it will get stale once you beat it? Not to worry! The whole thing is randomly generated so each play through is unique…except for his psycho mom, she will always want to kill Isaac. Well, that’s devotion for ya!
Let’s all run from mom this July 23rd!
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