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Store Listing Discloses Release Date For Xbox One Elite Controller

The Microsoft Store listing for the Xbox One Elite controller and fans of Halo 5: Guardians should be very happy. The controller will be released on October 27th which is the same day as the launch for Halo 5: Guardians according to an article originally posted on IGN.

With a price of $150, the Elite Controller is considerably more expensive than the one included with the Xbox One console but this was designed for players who regularly participate in competitive events. With metal analog sticks and d-pads, the Elite controller has considerably higher build quality than the stock controllers shipped with any current console. A key feature of this controller is customization. Players can choose between multiple analog stick lengths, a traditional or faceted d-pad and even a set of paddles that can be fit on the back of the device. An app allows for button remapping so you could take a function that is normally assigned to one of the bumper buttons and map it to the paddles or a face button or whatever works best for you. You also get a carrying case that also holds all of the attachment and a long, braided USB cord for gamers who prefer to play with their controllers tethered to the console. There are also hair trigger locks which reduce the distance your finger will need to travel in order to depress the rear trigger.

There will also be an Elite Controller bundle available on November 3rd which includes the new controller and an Xbox One with a 1TB hybrid solid state drive which Microsoft says can boot games from standby mode up to 20% faster than a console equipped with a standard drive.

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