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It is that time again new console launches. They are fun and exciting.
But also it could be one of the most dangerous times for us gamers.
Shortages of the Xbox series X and Sony’s new PlayStation 5 will leave some gamers upset because they did not receive one lunch day.
Some angry gamers are planning to do GTA hist to steal your new gaming machine right out of your hands.
I am writing this article to give you 5 tips on how to avoid that from happening to you.

1 Scan the parking lot and sides of the building.

Before entering the store on lunch day check the parking lot and survey the building around you the GTA thugs will be lurking for nearby. Sometimes you will spot them before you enter the store and if you see anyone who not doing normal actions just proceed with caution.
Let the Employee of the store know that you feel like someone is there.
You can ask the employee to watch you go to your car but they will not mostly escort you to your vehicle

2 The Snatch and runner

The Snatch and runner is the type of GTA thug who enters the store like he is a regular customer. He will ask stupid questions about products. He is looking for the new Game system and when he sees it he will take it and run. This person will take it from an employee or a customer.
Sometimes these customers will ask you questions like You here for the new Xbox and he will say he is as well. This person sometimes will act like your friend and even let you cut in front of them. So this he can execute his plans. My advice don’t tell anyone why you are at the store. It’s no one’s business.

3. Pick up your Game console with more than one person.
Going with a friend will help denture criminals from trying to take your console. After you buy your console your friend can go outside and scan the area before you exit the store. Have your friend bring the car to the door is a good idea as well. Some stores because their camera systems can catch a person if something happens.

Pick it up later. Picking up a new system early as possible is something all gamers do. Being one of the 1st people to boot up their new shiny system and log online on day one is some type of gamer higher. It’s not like we get an achievement or trophy for logging in on day one. Criminals want to steal your system as early as possible or when it is darker. Picking up a system at 2 pm or 4 pm might be the best time in my option because there too much traffic on the road and more people are awake to see what’s going on and it’s not too dark yet.

5. The gamer at gunpoint
During console lunches there that will be someone who will try to steal your system at gunpoint if this happens just give the criminal Playstion or X-Box. No Video Game Console is worth your life. Don’t argue with this person just give it to them. Snakey tip keeps your receipt in your pocket at the time of purchase. The receipt will have the serial number of your new console on it and you will be able to use that serial number to file a police report. Then you can call Sony or Microsoft and let them know your system was stolen and they may be able to help the police. if your system goes online.

I hope this article wasn’t too cold but I hope these tips help someone stay safe during there pick of there new Xbox or Playstation 5

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