Square Enix A Shell Of Its Former Self?


Square Enix used to be the King of RPG’s during the Final Fantasy era. However, these days are long gone. Instead of that we now have Final Fantasy 13 and Final Fantasy 15 some of the worst final fantasies ever made.

Where it all Began

We actually saw a change during Final Fantasy X2, that game was soo bad. Get this in order to get the best ending you needed to collect everything in the game 100 percent. Mind you lots and lots of stuff where missable, and the only way to not miss anything is by visiting every single place every single chapter.

Final Fantasy 15 / Versus 13

Final Fantasy 13 came out ok-ish it was bad, however not that bad. But Versus 13 which later was renamed into Final Fantasy 15 is the worst. The issue stands around Square Enix making soo many promises when comes to Final Fantasy 15. However, it was all a lie cause they destroyed everything that the Final Fantasy franchise stood for. And, replaced it with a game that should have been a sequel instead of what we have gotten. Furthermore, having an all-males, the cast is in my opinion really bad. It took away some of the enjoyment from the game, here is why: (when you play an RPG you like the cast members to be unique to be diverse males, females, kids, pets, make it creative go all out. But, that’s not what Final Fantasy 15 did instead it’s mundane and boring.

Its soo bad that Square Enix found a way to make unique skills such as teleporting and using every weapon under the son becomes boring. If you compare Noctis in Final Fantasy Versus 13 vs Noctis in Final Fantasy 15. The versus Noctis looks and acts way cooler and better and is more believable.

Content cut

Final Fantasy 15 was soo bad that the game felt like 2 games in 1. The main issue is that the game got an anime and a movie and still the game felt not finished/rushed.

Maybe just maybe, I don’t know because the game had its content cut off and sold as DLC separately. However, that’s not the worst part that goes toward them canceling the release of the Aranea, Noctis and Lunafreye DLC.

Summons/ Astrals

Yeah, good luck summoning those!! If you know how then you are lucky. Otherwise, just look it up on Youtube easy right? Imagine that, your playing Final Fantasy 15 and you really could use Shiva help and yet there is no Shiva to help you. Why? Because you did not meet certain conditions for summoning her. Your health was not almost 0 or during the fight/your fight did not last long enough or you are simply unlucky.

That’s not how summons used to be! Somehow Square Enix found a way to make summoning a chore… Why did you make it so complicated to use a summon Square Enix?  Everyone loves to summon Shiva or Bahamut or Ramuh or Odin. They were all known to be one of Final Fantasy’s main identity, having these behemoths of monsters that aides you in battle welp not in Final Fantasy 15 cause: (Square Enix said fun who wants fun? Screw fun).

It all comes down to this: Final Fantasy Versus 13 was always too good to be true. Story-wise concept-wise it was all too perfect. They promised us soo much yet, in the end, all they delivered upon was: cut content, canceled content, ludicrous way of summoning and a whole lot of marketing that went nowhere basically Final Fantasy 15. And just when you thought it could not have gotten any worse kingdom heart 3 came along!