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Spider-Man actor spotted on set for Civil War


According to Comicbook.com Tom Holland has been spotted on set in Germany for Captain America: Civil War. Previously, it had been thought that Spider-Man would only be getting a cameo in the movie, but this now seems to be incorrect. It would also fit with reports that he will be getting two different suits during the movie.

From the photos we’ve been getting off of the set, people have speculated the Russo brothers are filming the climax of the film or at least a major battle scene there. Holland was spotted taking photos with fans but could he just be speculating.

In a recent press release from Disney (one would assume from D23) the cast list for Captain America: Civil War had been updated to include Tom Holland.

Screenshot (4)

Curiously absent from this list is Martian Freeman who did feature briefly in the trailer at D23. Spider-Man is due to get his own solo movie in 2017 which will be directed by Jon Watts and penned by the writers of Vacation.

Check out our trailer breakdown with photos for the newest Captain America footage from D23. For more Marvel, movie, TV and gaming news stick right here with TiCGN!

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