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Sources Confirm Upgraded PlayStation 4 Dropping this Year

Well the wait for E3 just got even more exciting, with earlier rumors that two new Xbox consoles will be dropping sometime in June, and now sources at GamingBolt confirmed that the specifications of the new PlayStation console (currently called Neo) have leaked. The new console will feature upgraded internals to the CPU, GPU and Memory, that will increase the likelihood of the console to hit the 1080p 60FPS promise that was issued with the original PS4 launch.

PlayStation 4K Neo Specification Sheet

It’s unknown if the device will feature a new ‘slimmer’ design, although it’s already slim enough and with new upgraded internals the heat issue may become a problem if they cut down on size even more. According to the documentation the Neo will allow developers to build and patch games for both devices but with restrictions. The new device has to connect to the same community, store and will not be allowed to ‘segregate’ players based on the fact that one may own the new device. Games built for PlayStation will have a ‘base mode’ and a ‘neo mode’ which will allow players with the new console to experience better framerates and/or resolutions. However Sony reiterated that the framerate is key here, and that any game that launches with the ‘Neo Mode’ has to meet or exceed the base mode’s framerate, regardless of resolution.

It’ remains to be seen if this will work out for Sony, since Nintendo did the same with their handheld device. Gamers on the New 3DS got a better experience and better content than that of the original. It also remains to be seen how developers will react to this new platform, with some developers calling it ‘a pain in the ass’ to develop for two seperate consoles on one platform. More likely than not games will launch and run the same on both platforms, with first party and some developers launching a ‘neo mode’ with a slight framerate improvement.

The device will however have an improved 4K output capability, which is an upgrade from the current output capability of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Support for new 4K Blu-Ray technology should be a given at this point.

With E3 around the corner, we can only wait and see.


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