The Souls Retrospective – Part III – Bearer of the Curse

Well, Easy Allies has released the third installment in the Souls Retrospective series and it is every bit as good as its predecessors. This one obviously focuses on Dark Souls 2, the black sheep of the Soulsborne family for many Souls fans.

Personally, I actually quite enjoyed Dark Souls 2 and despite having played Demons Souls and Dark Souls previously, I had never finished a Souls game until Dark Souls 2 came around. In fact, it really encouraged me to go back and give the previous games another go.

Anyway, for me, Dark Souls 2 holds a special place, having introduced me to some Souls fight clubs and also having given me the sense of satisfaction only gamers who have completed a Souls game can understand.


Anyway, without further ado, here is part three. Enjoy!

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