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The Souls Retrospective – Part IV – The Old Blood

It has been quite a while since Easy Allies’ last installment in this series, but the timing does make sense presently since Bloodborne was included with the PS Plus March freebies. There is no game in the Soulsborne genre that matches Bloodborne in my opinion. This also marks Hiedtaka Miyazaki’s next game after Dark Souls 1.

Dark Souls 2 featured a lot of controversy over Miyazaki not being part of the development process, but not many people seemed to understand that Bloodborne was being produced simultaneously, and while Miyazaki was working on a dream project, he also wanted to shake up the souls series by having somebody else direct Dark Souls 2.

Personally, I enjoyed Dark Souls 2, but as mentioned before, nothing can match Bloodborne in my estimation. It’s, as of now, the magnum opus of FromSoft’s body of work. There also happens to be an ongoing unofficial event happening, called Return to Yharnam, which we covered previously here. Anyway, rather than simply spout my own knowledge of the game, why not let the experts at Easy Allies fully investigate the history of Bloodborne instead? Enjoy!


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