Piracy is Dead! Or is It..

Skull and Bones enters the fray during the Ubisoft conference, and by the looks of it will give Sea of Thieves a run for it’s money. It has a vast, shared open world between players where survival on the seas mean everything. Fight as a pirate, or sneak undercover of your enemies disguised as a simple merchant ship. Sail the seas and pillage others of their loot, or sail in convoys and dominate the open seas! Skull and Bones comes with something called Fortunes which reveal factions, weather and trade routes. You can also heavily customize your ship, from your sails to your wheel. Skull and Bones is coming sometime in 2019. You can check out the gameplay trailer here:

Published by Jared E.

Hey there everyone! I'm just a prairie dog Canadian that loves to game! I have been heavily interested in tech and games (more so the games part). To this day, i just can't get enough!