Shenmue 3 Coming to Xbox

Back in the year 2015 Playstation originally revealed the game Shenmue 3 at their E3 presentation. The game blew the lid off the roof as it was one of the most requested revivals of all time. What was odd was the way in which the game was presented. The game was a kickstarter project but with the backing of Sony. Because of the onstage reveal many gamers thought it would be a PS exclusive. When the possibility of an Xbox version was brought up the replies were cryptic. Today the possibility of Shenmue 3 on the Xbox is all but confirmed.

Inside the web page for Shenmue 3 eagle eyed fans spotted the option to select Xbox as a console of choice. If you look at the code that makes up the web page a short snippet of code is commented out. Removing the commented code out the Xbox One logo and option is there for consumers to select. With Microsoft’s E3 around the corner it could very well be that Shenmue 3 will have a presence on the Xbox stage.

For those waiting for Shenmue on Xbox, it looks like this Sunday may be your day.

Source: DeepSilver

Via: Wario64

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