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Sega Patents Touch Screen Tech

It appears as though Sega may be getting ready to reveal a new gaming initiative on their June 4th event. According to this patent, Sega has been developing a special touch screen controller that “…generates a game image of an object disposed in a virtual game space; and a touch panel connected to the controller…” Overall on further reading the patent it appears several standard touchscreen like features such as sliding gestures.

It was previously rumored that Microsoft and Sega would team up to release a Sega branded Xbox console in Japan. While the idea of such an outcome occurring has a slim chance, there have been strives in the relationship between both companies that may make such an idea reality. Sega has been porting several high profile games to the Xbox One, games that really have no business being on the console. Let me elaborate, many Japanese games don’t do well financially on the Xbox. Mostly because the western Xbox audience tend to ignore alot of amazing franchises which has caused many Japanese developers to avoid porting games they know won’t be received well. Games like Yakuza and Phantasy Star Online are such games yet they came on board. It could be that a collaboration had been planned.

All of that being said, it could very well be that Sega is planning its own return to the hardware game. We don’t know much about this mystery device and it may very well be a touch screen console or maybe even an attachment for mobile devices. Whatever it may be, we will have to wait until June 4th for any details.

Via: Gaming Route

Source: PatentScope

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