Recently, actress Carice van Houten opened up to Entertainment Weekly about her Game of Thrones character Melisandre going into season 6. There will be spoilers for the last season of Game of Thrones here so be warned!

So in the interview, which can be read in full here, Van Houten talks about how Melisandre’s character will take on a whole new persona in the season to come. Previously having been very confident, we will see a Melisandre who is filled with self doubt after the defeat of Stannis at the hands of the Boltons. When asked about her character’s feelings towards the future van Houten had this to say:

“We see somebody whose whole belief system is tumbling down. She’s completely confused, and I really like to play that. After all the security and strength and pride, now we see something completely different. I’ve been really waiting for this moment.”

 She also spoke about fan messages. Many Game of Thrones watchers have theorised that John Snow could be brought back by Melisandre (after being killed off Caesar style in the season finale) and this fed back into the feedback she received.

When he died, a lot of people who wanted to kill me after episode 9 came back and said, “We’ll forgive you if you resurrect Jon Snow!”

Carice van Houten will be seen once more as Melisandre when the sixth season of HBO’s Game of Thrones resumes. The first episode entitled “The Red Woman” will premier  on the 24th of April this year. Whose your favourite Game of Thrones character? Do you think Jon Snow will be returning this season? Let us know in the comments below!