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[RUMOR] Bioshock Ports Coming to Current Gen?


A South African retailer may have leaked the upcoming release of a Bioshock collection featuring the first three games in the highly acclaimed series.

The website Raru posted a pre-order listing for the Bioshock collection over the weekend, but quickly removed it; the information can still be found using Google Cache however. The site lists the release date as November 27 and that it is set to come out on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Don’t get excited just yet though as this is not solid proof that a bundle will make its way onto next-gen platforms.

However, there is a still chance that it could happen as several remasters of last-gen games have seemingly come out of nowhere such as the recent port of the Prototype games and the upcoming Deadpool port. 2K is also no stranger to porting their games as the Borderlands games were released on current gen systems earlier this year.

Whether or not this Bioshock collection is real is currently a mystery, but for all of the latest on the Bioshock franchise stay tuned to TiCGN.


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