With the Nintendo Switch eShop’s lineup always expanding, I try to keep track of whatever games could tickle my fancy. I even downloaded a cute little app on my phone that details the schedule of games coming out. Now I don’t have to look at the eShop every time (Well, maybe except for the Japanese store). As I eyed the updated schedule, I noticed a little game called Spencer. It’s a platformer so of course I had to take it in for review.


In a similar manner to Miles & Kilo, Spencer is a creature out of his element. His spaceship has crashed on Earth and its parts have been scattered by enemies. You basically work your way through bite-sized platforming levels until the ending screen declares Spencer free to fly back out in space.


The reason why I decided to look at Spencer in the first place is because I actually thought the art style was kind of pleasing. I can’t say the characters individually look appealing, but the game generally seemed to have this claymation-esque feel to it. The objects and backgrounds alike came off as colorful and playful. I could imagine Spencer appealing to a younger audience this way, in fact.


Although the title character speaks in gibberish similar to Minions, the sound design brings a fairly inviting atmosphere to the game. I would have liked for there to be more in the soundtrack, though. The short lengths of the music samples can get boring when you’re in its designated world for a long amount of time.


Spencer is a very run-of-the-mill type of platformer. You have to find a number of coins in a compact maze-like level before searching for the exit. There are 16 levels in each of the 5 worlds, and no level will take longer than two minutes to beat. I managed to get through the game in about an hour and a half. It can be a little enjoyable to move around and collect things, and the game gives you abilities like a double jump, a punch, and collectible power-ups like invisibility to work with. It’s not a game that’ll blow your socks off but I do think the game could pass off as a tolerable casual title.

That is, if it weren’t for a couple big problems that hamper the experience. Let me tell you right now: Spencer‘s enemy layouts are abysmal. The game loves to clutter up nearly every level with enemies, inevitably giving you moments where you get hit or die because there are hazards you couldn’t see coming or had no reaction time for. Take that out of the equation, however, and you get levels that just meander through the entire game. Despite the changing visual themes, every level seems the same as each other since none bother to feel interesting. What you face in World 2 is just about the exact same stuff you’ll find in World 5.


I can’t say I expected anything in particular from a game called Spencer but I’m always up for a decent platformer. I don’t feel like the game curbed those cravings well thanks to its enemy-infested series of samey levels. It almost feels like it could be passable, but these elements hold it back. As is, it’s more annoying than it is enjoyable to stroll through.

Review copy provided by EntwicklerX