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Review: Jydge (Xbox One)

I feel so lucky to have the chance to play some of the better games on the Xbox One. 10tons has become a consistent developer that creates some really enjoyable games. Let’s take a look at how customizable your Jydge really can be.


Players take on the role of the Jydge. An android police officer bent on cleansing the land of criminals. The story isn’t really that important when you play the game. I didn’t even think about why I was constantly playing the same levels over and over. I was just having that much fun doing it. Some games don’t need a well written story when all you really want to do is play.


Jydge has some of the best music in a game to date. I mean that may be saying too much, but the music is definitely a great part of the game. The techno/rock soundtrack does the same thing the music did in Time Recoil. It keeps you moving at a non-stop pace. The gameplay and the music work so well together that you get sucked into the role. Those criminals have no chance in Edenbyrg.


The colorful city of Edenbryg is the background for this game. The game takes the Blade Runner “film noir & neon” style and turns it into something special. From the neon lights to the mohawk criminals, the game is vibrant. Each upgrade for either the Jydge or his gavel has a very cool picture to enjoy. ┬áThe criminals you kill all look the same with very subtle differences. Overall the game is nice to look at initially, once you start playing those nice looking pictures and neon lights fade away. The only thing that starts to matter is finishing every objective in a level.


To start the menu is simple and so easy to navigate, it’s just one page that has you swiping left or right with the controller. The map is the main area that you will spend a great deal of time at. This shows the different missions you need to complete to continue the game. Each level has a different medal that has an objective associated with it. Players will need to kill an enemy in a certain amount of time, stay hidden, I think you get how that part goes. To continue on in the story you have to complete some difficult objectives that unlock medals. Each level requires a certain amount of medals. At that point you could easily just give up when the game gets to hard, I can see many players doing this. It would be great to see some sort of update that allows players to just enjoy all the levels. I don’t know if 10tons would do that since it actually would change the game drastically.

As you progress the game allows you newer and not always better upgrades for either you or your Gavel (Gun). These upgrades cost cash which means you have plenty of grinding to do if you want the best and fully upgraded weapons. Since collecting cash or finishing a level is the only way to make money this is another way to turn off players from the game. Customizing you character is important in later levels. Some enhancements you have don’t work for every level. You need to mix and match gear and enhancements to find the best way to defeat the enemy. The best thing about this game is the customization that you get to utilize. The worst part of this game is that the only way to play with other people is local co-op.


10tons continues to impress me. For the most part just about every game of theirs I have played has brought something enjoyable to my consoles. Given that I didn’t care about the story and I was solely focused on the absolute destruction of my enemies shows that 10tons has a great game in Jydge. Some of the problems occur as you get further into the game. At this point most players will have fallen in love with the futuristic carnage. I really would love to see some update that gives players more ways to play through the levels without being forced into completing all those objectives for medals. Take some time and buy this game today before you forget about it.

*Xbox.com would not allow me to take my screen shots off the capture page. I’m sorry I had to use a photo from the 10tons website. The video above is from my own playthrough though.

**Game was received as a code from the developer

David Yerion
David Yerionhttp://www.Ticgamesnetwork.com
Living in Northern California. Nestled between Mt. Lassen and Mt. Shasta in a small town. Family, gaming and work are my life. Hit me up @davidyerion on Twitter. Playing since Atari 2600.

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