‘Rainbow Six: Siege’ Announces Bug Hunter Program

In an effort to eliminate bugs within their game, Ubisoft has announced a new Bug Hunter Program for their Rainbow Six: Siege title.

Opened on April 25th, players are able to access a special Test Server with the intent of hunting down potential bugs within Rainbow Six: Siege. Users are encouraged to find bugs and issues within the game that they are able to replicate, then submit a detailed report on the issue. After being reported, if their QA team is able to replicate the bug, the player who submitted the report will be rewarded.

Players will receive one point for every successfully acknowledge bug. Once players get to three points, they will receive a fun reward; a weapon charm of Frost that plays a fun joke on an old raptor leg glitch in the game.

Though last year Ubisoft offered the R6Fix, where they opened up their Test Server for bug reports similar to now, this is the first time they’ve offered a reward to players for contributing. With so many users playing the game, it’s an extremely useful way to find bugs quickly and handle them, while also rewarding users for helping the cause.

There is currently no set date for when the Test Server will close, and Ubisoft’s official site says that it will “remain active until further notice.”. You can read full details on the Bug Hunter Program, including where to find the server and how to fill out bug reports from the official site here.

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