The Battle Royale genre has completely taken over the casual market with PUBG and Fortnite commanding almost near domination of the genre. The games have many glaring similarities in both their core gameplay mechanics as it could be apparent that Fortnite drew some inspiration from Player Unknown Battleground. This is why it comes as no shock to many that earlier this month PUBG Corp filed a lawsuit against Epic games for copyright infringement and stealing core ideas from their game.  Now in an even more surprising twist as per Bloomberg, it appears that PUBG Corp has sent a letter of withdrawal, ending the lawsuit against Epic games in South Korea. It appears that this issue has been officially closed, but at this time there is no information on whether or not there was a settlement reached or why that PUBG Corp decided to drop the lawsuit.

One factor that could into play is that media/gaming super company Tencent Holdings part owns both PUBG Corp and Epic Games. The assumption of these issues being settled in an out of court settlement could be highly probable as it would be bad for two of Tencent’s businesses to be suing each other.  There is also the fact that PUBG runs on Unreal Engine 4 which is of course owned by Epic Games.  While there are many intricacies and possibilities of why this situation played out the way that it did.  All we can do is sit and wonder about what happened until possibly further information is released.

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