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PS Plus Games Coming This May

The lineup of games for the month of May have appeared online. The games are ok and everyone should be happy with them. Right? Well no matter how you feel about the upcoming games they will only be around for a month. PS4 players will be getting that crazy island building game Tropico 5, and Table Top Racing. Watch the trailer below to get a glimpse of those games.


The full list of games that will be coming are below. The one thing all these games have in common is that they all include trophies. So for the pure fact this month isn’t what we all hoped for players who haven’t yet touched these games can get some comfort from that knowledge. PS Plus is a subscription based service that is required to play multiplier games on the PS4. If you don’t have PS Plus then you can’t enjoy all the games that become available each month.

Players have until May 2nd to download the games that came to us in April. Because I’m so nice I will also list those games and a add a link to the PSN store for PS Plus. If your happy or mad about the May list let us know in the comment section.

Full List of May 2016

  • Bionic Commando Rearmed 2PS3
  • God of War: Ghost of SpartaPS Vita
  • LocoRoco Cocoreccho!PS3
  • Switch Galaxy UltraPS4, PS Vita
  • Table Top Racing: World TourPS4
  • Tropico 5PS4


April 2016 Games – PSN Store Link

  • A Virus Named Tom, PS Vita
  • Dead Star, PS4
  • I Am Alive, PS3
  • Savage Moon, PS3
  • Shutshimi, PS Vita
  • Zombi, PS4
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