Prey: Mooncrash Blood Moon Update

Prey: Mooncrash Blood Moon Update Brings New Skins

Prey: Mooncrash has been receiving a steady series of small updates, each bringing new skins for your Operators and Mimics. Today, the new Prey: Mooncrash Blood Moon update goes live, adding (among other things) some skins inspired by Quake and Fallout.

You can check out the trailer for the new update below.

Here’s everything included in the Prey: Mooncrash Blood Moon update: 
  • Fallout Theme Operator
  • Quake Champions Theme Operator
  • Witch Hat Mimic
  • Medieval Mimic
  • TranStar Silenced Pistol
  • TranStar Q-Beam
  • TranStar Shotgun
  • TranStar Wrench

Prey: Mooncrash is available for $19.99 as an add-on for base game and it’s included with the Digital Deluxe edition. If you’ve started playing it and need a bit of help, you can check out some tips here.

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