Bethesda is on a roll today will all of these new announcements. I was actually expecting some news on a Prey sequel. What I got was something that I didn’t expect at all. A new version of Prey is being made for all the current consoles. Just watch the Groundhog Day mixed with every awesome Sci-Fi trailer below.

Since the release of the original Prey on the 360 the second game had gone through production hell. Thankful Arkane Austin is going to release it next year. As with Quake Champions more information will be released at this years QuakeCon.

Hopefully we will have more information on this game and all the other announced games later this week. I can only hope they added those awesome Art Bell radio moments from the original game. Keep checking back to for all of your E3 news this week. Let us know how you feel about Prey and all the games that have been announced tonight.