This morning, new indie game Blacksea Odyssey was released for Early Access on Steam and I got to play it! Advertised as a “top-down, rogue-lite space shoot ’em up RPG”, Blacksea Odyssey really does show a lot of promise for its full release later this year.

Playing as huntsmen, you take part in the famous competition known as the “Blacksea Odyssey”. Fighting from your spaceship, you hunt down various creatures and humongous beasts with harpoons and spears. All of this takes place in extremely detailed and artistic space biomes.

blacksea odyssey

The first thing that crossed my mind when I started up Blacksea Odyssey was Galaga on steroids. But it really is a lot more than that! The artwork is absolutely rich and stunning. It’s clear a lot of work and detail was put into the beasts as well as the environment. Even the concept and story is really original and inticing. I really look forward to watching this “shoot ’em up RPG” grow in the coming months.

However, my playtime was a bit shorter than I would have liked due to issues with somewhat clunky controls and a few bugs during the tutorial. I tried both keyboard and controller, but both had their drawbacks. I ended up preferring keyboard in the end, though not by much. I would really love to see the developers work on ironing out how the controls function; the lack of control on my end forced me to put it aside much sooner than I would have.

I do know that the developers of Blacksea Odyssey are working hard to correct the bugs and issues with the game though even as I write this. This morning they came out with a major patch that fixed quite a few, so I’m already looking forward to playing it again! I would really recommend giving it a try and make sure to give them your feedback on the Steam Forums.

Check out the Blacksea Odyssey trailer here on Youtube or buy it on Steam for $9.99! Blacksea Odyssey is due for full release in Summer 2016.