Onward gains $10 million during catastrophic weekend

This weekend could be the last recap I do for a while. With the COVID-19 virus, many theaters are starting to shut down for a while. The movie Onward was able to stay on top with an estimated $10.5 million. Right now the movie is sitting at $101 million worldwide.

Some of the other movies that were released this weekend did make it into the top three. Bloodshot didn’t even break $10 million, hopefully, this won’t hamper any future chance of some sequels. Even if the amount of money is well off what these movies would normally make in one weekend. The Hunt was finally released and grossed an estimated $5.3 million. Last year this movie was criticized by the President and more.

Plenty of movies and other productions have been shut down. Fast 9 will be releasing in 2021 now. The New Mutants has been postponed for the fourth time, The movie really needs to be released on Disney+. Just expect every production to be postponed for the foreseeable future.

Weekend Top Three

3. Bloodshot $9.3 million

2. I Still Believe $9.5 million

1. Onward $10.5 million

None of these numbers are normal. Every movie should be well above what they are sitting at right now. I guess next weekend I’ll have to come up with something different to cover. I’m actually looking forward to the challenge.

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