That’s right! Numskull Designs has another merch line up their sleeves. To follow the release of the upcoming game releasing on Xbox One, Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch on June 21st. So, what’s in it? Let’s have a look, this is a long list!

–          Furry Dice – The perfect addition to any car, you just didn’t know it.

Crash Team Racing Furry Dice

–          Air Fresheners – I mean, you don’t really need a car for these… I wonder what they smell like.

CTR Air Freshener

–          Crate Keychain – For those car keys you don’t have, maybe?

Crate Keyring

–          Trophy Keychain – and when you want to prove you’re the Number 1 Racer…

Trophy Keyring

–          Crash Cove T-shirt – All I can say about this is, I need it and so do you…

Crash Crove T-shirt

–          Eat the Road T-shirt – This will look good on me… I hope.

Eat The Road T-shirt

–          Powerslide Hoodie – It’s so beautiful!

–          Face Snapback – For those snapback lovers!

Face Snapback

–          Racing-inspired Snapback – and for a more tradition hat lover!

Black Hat

–          Metal Badge Mug – I do love me a good mug for me tea!

Metal Badge Mug

–          Wumpa Fruit Crate Mug – This just had to be a mug!

Wumpa Crate Mug

–          Tire Coasters – You can’t get a mug without some coasters!

Tyre Coasters

–          Commemorative Medal – This is so cool.

–          Toolbox Pin Set – For those pin badge lovers… like me.

–          Incense Burner – This is really the main attraction. Who doesn’t love an incense burner!? Especially one that looks like this! – Check out this trailer for a better look and tell me you haven’t already fallen in love with it!

Well, that’s your lot! A whole load of new goodies to get your hands on and there really is something for everyone! You can pre-order now right here. Do it!