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No Daily/Weekly Events in Destiny This Week

Bungie announced that there will be no Weekly Nightfalls/Strikes and that the Daily Story missions won’t happen this week either, September 8th-14th. This is because of the 2.0.0 update which everyone will get on September 8th. This update tweaks and fixes a lot of things for all players in Destiny. The update will be 18 GB on Xbox One/PlayStation 4 and 10 GB on Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 and will bring new events with the Taken that will replace the Wolves events.

The Taken King, which is the newest expansion for Destiny, will be out on September 15th. You can pre-order it from your local retailer or from the Xbox/PlayStation store. If you missed out on playing Destiny or any of the expansions (The Dark Below and The House of Wolves) then now is a perfect time to jump in and play.

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